UltraPierce Vacuum Assist

The UltraPierce Vacuum Assist technology is ideal for cutting brittle and laminated materials such as marble, stone, glass, and composites. Fragile materials pierce easily, saving time and raw material, as well as enhancing the quality of the finished product.

How Waterjet works


At its most basic, water flows from a pump, through plumbing and out a cutting head. It is simple to explain, operate and maintain. The process, however, incorporates extremely complex materials technology and design.

To generate and control water at pressures of 87,000 psi requires science and technology not taught in universities. At these pressures a slight leak can cause permanent erosion damage to components if not properly designed.

Thankfully, the waterjet manufacturers take care of the complex materials technology and cutting-edge engineering. The user need only be knowledgeable in the basic waterjet operation.

Why Waterjet?


Unmatched Versatility
Our waterjet enables us to cut a variety of applications with ease. Whatever the shape, dimensions, or material, our easy-to-use software makes the job easy.

Expanded Capabilities
Whatever your business — automotive, aerospace, stone and tile, tool and die, gaskets, fabricator, or job shop — you can cut metal, stone, plastics, composites, glass, ceramics, rubber and more. Zip through materials up to 8 inches thick with no heat-affected zone and superior edge quality.

Reduced Material and Production Costs
Our waterjet require minimal fixturing and tooling so you can save valuable machine time. Waterjets cut accurate, clean edges that allow for tight nesting and reduced scrap — saving you money through greater material utilization.

The Technology
The heart of any waterjet system is the ultrahigh-pressure pump. Learn more about Flow’s UHP Pumps in our Products section.


Our Waterjet Cutter is capable of slicing into metal or other materials up to 200mm thick, using a jet of water at Mach 2 and 4000 Bar pressure, or a mixture of water and abrasive. The process is essentially the same as water erosion found in nature but greatly accelerated and concentrated.

We use it to produce a host of machine parts, signage, wall tile mosaics, plastic & rubber components, granite tops, decorative glass & composite materials.

Waterjet cutting is the preferred method when the materials being cut are sensitive to the high temperatures generated by other methods such as laser and plasma cutting.  The water jet cutter has the ability to cut material without interfering with the material’s inherent structure as there is no “heat-affected zone”. Minimizing the effects of heat allows metals to be cut without harming or changing intrinsic properties. Waterjet cutting is burr free, eliminating secondary cleaning processes.




  • Engineering metals
  • Ferrous and non ferrous metals
  • Special and tool steel
  • Aluminium, brass, copper and titanium
  • Plastics, foam, rubber, PVC and a wide range of composites.
  • Stone, marbel and granite
  • Glass and  various wood types.